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Folded "Waffle" Vases by Kate Colin, Glasgow ©MeganFaye Photography



Travel through Creation


Sarah Morin, cultivate the fruit of creation

Lamps that ...

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Waxebo or soutache embroidery

Do you know soutache embroidery ? Meet Eloïse, the creator of the Waxebo ...

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Prune Thibeaut, weaver : a modern look at an ancestral art

Meeting in Strasbourg with Prune Thibeaut, graphic designer recently converted to the trade of weaver. A modern and design look ...

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Lucia Fiore and feather-worker jeweler at the intersection of craft and visual arts

Meeting ...

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Ceramics By Laura, a world between minimalism and geometry

Eclectic and explosive encounter with Laura, a young French artist formerly a designer, converted to the profession of ...

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