Sails & Canvas, the art of repurposing sailcloth

Sails & Canvas is a unique store located in the seaside town of Topsham, in South-West England. Friends since childhood, Juliette and Mandi, the founders of the store, have a passion for old sails. Since opening in 2015, Sails & Canvas has been leading the upcycling movement in Devon by adopting ...

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péninsule d'Inishowen

An Irish Journey : discovering authentic crafts

Kreamondo went on a trip around the lush and beautiful island of Ireland. There, we met with craftspeople from different backgrounds but sharing a common passion : a love for the landscapes and nature surrounding them. From Donegal to Tipperary, let's meet these talented creators and discover their unique crafts... Ann McGonigle ...

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Don’t See Waste, See food for Creativity

The impact of waste on the environment and on our health cannot be ignored any longer. With this growing sense of realisation, initiatives and movements are appearing across the world, offering tools and solutions to limit our carbon footprint. One of them is The Upcycle, an ...

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