Kreamondo presents a selection of independent shops, displaying quality items created by local designers and craftspeople. Our geolocalised guide allows you to get information about shops around you, whether it is on how to get there or on how to get access to their online products. Kreamondo is another way to travel and wander through original creations from around the world.

Using our guide also means supporting small and independent businesses whilst promoting and preserving local savoir-faire and craftsmanship. Kreamondo is a social innovation that is directed at users who wish to purchase differently, through a responsible and informed approach.

Kreamondo aims at putting digital services to creators’ advantage, by connecting an international community to local business owners. Our team is proud to support independent shops and craftspeople worldwide.

You can access shopsrecommend one, or register your store. You can also contact us, if you wish to support and join us on our journey.

Welcome !

The Kreamondo team