Waxebo or soutache embroidery

Do you know soutache embroidery ? Meet Eloïse, the creator of the Waxebo jewelry brand ! You come from a large family, all of whose women, without exception, seem to have an artistic soul. How do ...

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Leather and wood creations, meeting with Damien Béal

A true ambassador of French savoir faire and craftsmanship, designer maker Damien Béal welcomes us in his newly opened studio-workshop in Versailles. Through the surprising combination of materials and innovative techniques, Damien makes it his priority to produce quality and sustainable creations. ...

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A junction between Japan and Florence with Takafumi’s wood marquetry

When Italian design and tradition meets Japanese finesse... Discover the world of wood marquetry through Takafumi's workshop. Takafumi Mochizuki is the maker at Zouganista di Takafumi Mochizuki, a wood marquetry studio-workshop established in the heart of Florence. © Takafumi Mochizuki Kreamondo : Could you tell ...

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Modernising the age-old craft of bone china with Sasha Wardell

A pioneer in her approach to bone china production, Sasha Wardell is internationally recognised for her work. An innovative approach taking an age-old craft to a higher level means that each piece is individually made using techniques that she personally developed. Kreamondo caught up with Sasha to better understand the ...

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