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14 May 2019

Simone Crestani : a glimpse into the life of a contemporary glass artist

In the rich and intriguing history of glass making, Italy and more specifically Venice resonate with most glass aficionados and enthusiasts. Steeped in folklore, culture and art, Venice has been the glass making centre of the Western world for centuries. Its neighbouring island Murano became the capital of glass making in the XIIIth century and by the XVIIth century, glass factories could be found as far as the United States.

Of course nowadays, glass making has developed immensely as the uniqueness and mystic behind this craft caught the attention of many. Although glass factories can be found worldwide it is near Venice, in Camisano Vicentino that we met with Simone Crestani : a glimpse into the life of a contemporary glass artist…

© Atelier Crestani – Glass Bonsai

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and why you say that glass chose you before you knew what you wanted to do ?

I was born in 1984 Marostica, a little town in the northeast of Italy from a pretty normal family. In 2000 I found myself in school, studying computer science and I did not like it at all (I believe I don’t need to explain why). So, looking for something to do, I found a summer job at Massimo Lunardon’s glass factory. When I entered there, I didn’t know anything about glass and didn’t think that it would become my life, it was only a summer job. But for some reason, it was very attractive to me. I ended up leaving school because I fell in love with glass, and here begins my story.

© Atelier Crestani – Alchemica

You mentioned that you are an artisan first before being an artist. How important is it for you to dissociate the two ? Where do you draw the line ?

Yes, this is very important to me. The way that I approach art and design is by putting quality first ! I firmly believe that it’s only by having the full control of the medium that you can use that same medium to express yourself. Often, artists and designers need an artisan’s knowledge in order to make their creations and often artisans need artist and designer among others to keep doing what they do. But in this process you are missing something. I feel very fortunate and proud to be able to make my pieces without asking the help of anyone.

© Atelier Crestani – E-Sumi

Nature is often a great source of inspiration for artists. However, it seems that it’s the very essence of your work. Could you elaborate on your relationship with nature ?

I’m so lucky to be able to say that there is not distinction between my personal and professional life. I love nature, it makes me feel well. I don’t exactly know why but it comes natural to me to elaborate my ideas in natural shapes. We can’t make anything more beautiful than what nature already made it but it still leaves us a chance to create something pretty.

© Atelier Crestani – Glass Bonsai

What dissociates Simone from other contemporary glass artist is his understanding of glass in its entirety. From glassblowing to he finishing touches, he understands what role craftsmanship plays in the execution of an artistic piece. Only by mastering a material from start to finish can one truly distinguish the role, complementarity and importance of both artisan and artist. His glass creations are testaments to art, craftsmanship and our connection with nature.

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