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11 June 2019

AdrianMartinus Design, the art of repurposing your old skateboards

Meeting with the makers at AdrianMartinus Design in their workshop of Calagary, Canada. Unique and original creations promoting sustainability.

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Where did the idea for AdrianMartinus Design come from and how did it come about ?

The main influence to start working skateboards would be the Japanese sculptor Hiroshi, who’s kind of the god father of recycling skateboards. We were working commercial construction as carpenters and would start trying to make stuff out of our old boards on evenings and weekends. From there we started collecting old boards from our friends and local skateshops and just kept experimenting and refining our process.

© AdrianMartinus Design

Could you present each team member in a few lines ?

Adrian and Martinus do most of the design and building as well as running the business and social media. Anne Tranholm (Adrian’s wife) designs and makes all our jewellery as well as a couple of our products, She also runs our online stores and manages all our shipping and retailers.

© AdrianMartinus Design

Coming from a skateboarding community, how do you let your skateboarding roots and style transpire through your work ?

Skateboarding has always been a very DIY activity and early on a lot of our work reflected that in that they had techniques that mimicked fine woodworking but were done in ways that were counter intuitive because of our limited knowledge, tool set and the oddness of the material. We’ve since modified a lot of those early processes and brought them to the level of fine woodwork.

© AdrianMartinus Design

Could you explain the singularity and uniqueness of your work (importance of repurposing wood, using old skateboards…) ?

So much of creative process is dictated by the limitations of using skateboards and repurposed wood. The design restrictions of repurposed and scarce material really forced us to be creative in how we use the skateboards and pushed us to find a unique purpose for every part of the boards giving us a rather diverse line of products but with a unified style.

© AdrianMartinus Design

What impact does the nature surrounding you have on you as craftspeople and AdrianMartinus Design’s ethos ?

The long winters in Calgary are one of the main reasons that skateboards as a material are scarce as you can’t skate for 6-8 months of the year so it really makes us value the material. The huge changes that come with the seasons also really help with keep a changing perspective on our work.

2018 has been an amazing year. Huge thanks to everyone for your support. Looking forward to new things in 2019. Happy holidays!!!!

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