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17 January 2019

Cécilia de Bastiani’s art, a ceramicist from Provence

Provence, a region known for its scents, its landscapes, its lavender, but also for its craftspeople and their know-how of earthenware and ceramics, a tradition dating back to the XVIIth century. Today, we’re travelling to Seyne-les-Alpes to discover CIL Céramique, a workshop held by Cécilia de Bastiani in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

A Provence native, Cécilia knew that her passion for ceramics would become an outlet for her creativity.

A turner-decorator, she produces in small batches and crafts artistic and ornamental pieces. She combines the useful with the decorative without limiting herself to ceramic objects.


A former garage turned workshop 

It’s in an abandoned garage that the ceramicist establishes and founds CIL Céramique. A spray gun left behind by mechanics gives Cécilia new ideas and opens new artistic avenues.

Street Art and graphic designs are great sources of inspiration for the ceramicist. It’s by observing graffitis, bill boards and postings that she develops and creates her designs. However, the result obtained with the spray gun was too imprecise for Cécilia’s artistic vision.


An iterative apprenticeship of a cross-disciplinary craft

Inspired by urban universe, she tries decorating her creations with a graffiti spray that street artists use with the precision of a brush although the paint coming out is sprayed in every direction. She tries to do so because it is those lines and designs that Cécilia attempts to recreate on her creations, but the result is still too inconsistent.

Cécilia then discovers the aerographe, more commonly known as an air-brush, that gives a vap

orous result without too many imperfections. However, as opposed to street artists, Cécilia works on curved, undulating, round surfaces, preventing her from having the same result as if she was painting on a plain wall. Following numerous attempts, Cécilia finally strikes a balance by combining stencils and air-brush, thus allowing her to blend her artistic inspirations and urban designs with the precision of a stencil. Each object is hand-turned and crafted in porcelain.


In her studio, Cécilia exhibits her art and passes her craft on to a new generation of ceramicist by running workshops for all ages.