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07 May 2019

Upcycling, Recycling, Canada

Kreamondo went to Canada and met with creators and craftspeople there. We then realised that a unique trait was common to all the creators we had met : they were all creating from recycled and/or repurposed materials ! Let’s take a closer look at our Canadian journey…

© Amy Lajeunesse

Starting with Annie Lajeunesse from Ropes & Wood. Passionate about painting from a very young age, it’s on canoe paddles that she expresses her creative side. This form of art allows Annie to give paddles a decorative function. On top of being used at sea, these unique and original creations ornament any room.

© Amy Lajeunesse

Over to Cinderella Garbage now, a group of jewellers who aim to revalorise waste. Using PyroGenesis’ plasma torches, waste is heated up to 10, 000° C, leaving its inorganic part behind. Cinderella Garbage uses these “Black Diamonds” in order to rethink jewellery and push the limits of recycling.

© Caroline Perron

On Prince Edward Island and in an eclectic universe, Lenny specialises in repurposing reclaimed wood. With his wife Heather, they created Birdmouse. They approach each creation like they would a painting: selecting each piece of wood based on its colour, texture and how these features will influence the overall aesthetic of the finished piece.

© Lenny Gallant

Our journey ended with the creators at Oxyd Factory. This workshop is driven by a unique concept and vision : to transform aged automobile steel into industrial style tables and artworks. Combining design and reclaimed materials, these talented creators give a second life to a forgotten material.

© Oxyd Factory

Our Canadian trip allowed us to realise something : there is a general wake up call happening worldwide. Purchasers wish to have the possibility to support upcycling and recycling movements through their buying habits. Although these creators offer very different products, it is possible to notice that there is common, sustainable vision being conveyed through their creations. It’s with with a feeling of awe and amazement and a great appreciation for these artisans that we left Canada for another creative journey…

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