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26 October 2020

Waxebo or soutache embroidery

Do you know soutache embroidery ? Meet Eloïse, the creator of the Waxebo jewelry brand !

You come from a large family, all of whose women, without exception, seem to have an artistic soul. How do you explain it?

A family of 7 children, including 4 sisters and 3 brothers, and indeed all the daughters of the family have become artists. My mother is a trained musician, but she is also a handyman of all kinds! I’ve always seen her doing embroidery, sewing, right now she’s doing puppets. She pushed us more or less consciously into creation, just to occupy ourselves I imagine, and in particular in the drawing where we had to color the entire sheet without leaving a single white trace. She also taught us to embroider, to sew. It was thanks to my mother that we became artists.

You explain in your bio having followed a course of model maker and seamstress, what was your ambition at this stage?

At the beginning, I wanted to be a designer, I wanted to learn how to make patterns, and create my own clothes. After a literary baccalaureate, I did a BEP in fashion, a short training in art in Paris at the Lycée Paul Poiret. Then, I returned to Brest to make my clothing collections, especially stage dresses, until I was fed up with Brittany and its rainy climate, so I went to Reunion for 6 months . When I arrived in Réunion, I no longer had all my sewing equipment and fabrics. I had only one small machine left … Then I discovered the Wax fabric that I fell in love with. This is how I started to use this fabric with which we make Maasai necklaces in particular.

What were your most decisive professional and / or personal experiences in your “career” choices?

During my professional training, I had the chance to do an internship at Givenchy, where I realized that I preferred to do small hand work, embroidery work rather than model making or styling. During the two months of the internship, I mainly did hand embroidery, lace application, we also sewed Swaroski on dresses, I found that really wonderful!

I also did an internship with Delphine Manivet, renowned for her high-end wedding dresses, where I was supposed to do model making and then finally I found myself doing small handwork once again like headdresses for years. 40 in lace, it was mostly embroidery work. These two internships were decisive for me, they allowed me to discover what I liked.

boucle d'oreille créole waxebo

What was your trigger with the soutache? How did you get excited about this art? Why did you particularly like this technique?

Inspired by sites like Pinterest, I discovered textile jewelry, like the jewelry of Dori Csengeri, in my opinion the greatest designer of soutache jewelry. Jewels that I found absolutely beautiful, so I ordered my first stripes to wear them, and I’ve been making soutache jewelry for 8 years now. This technique allows me to tie together everything I love: beads, precision work and a wide variety of colors!

Can you tell us more about the soutache technique?

You have to superimpose braids or braids of thread to be able to sew them with a fine needle. The work is done in arabesque, first we work on the shape that we want to give to the braids, then we embroider around the pearls.

technique soutache

Where do you find your inspiration for your jewelry?

The inspiration comes from the pearls that I will find, as in textiles it is the fabric that makes the dress, there are the pearls that will make the jewelry. Fringed Navajo jewelry is also a source of inspiration for my designs.

Where does the pseudonym Waxebo come from?

The name Waxebo is in reference to the Wax material, the famous fabric that I discovered in Reunion! The name came by itself, Wax Wax Waxebo, I thought the name sounded good! Since then, I have changed technique and material but I kept the name.

boucle d'oreille waxebo

boucle d'oreille waxebo

boucle d'oreille waxebo


Find Eloïse and the Waxebo universe on the dedicated Kreamondo page!


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