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14 January 2022

BOOM BOOM – it’s like an impulse !

The Boom Boom store – a “coup de coeur” selection ! Carine, the founder, works with her desire, it’s like an impulse, a desire to exhibit a creator. Color is predominant, the universe is graphic, which does not detract from the softness and warmth of this atmosphere. Cork flooring for a natural and warm look. The idea is “to feel good“, Carine says.

Boom Boom hasn’t always had an address … Originally, six years ago, Boom Boom was an online shop whose ambition was to spotlight creators with little visibility. Six years ago, the context was somewhat different, the creative artisans were less successful.


Portrait of Carine, the founder ©Carine Giraud

With an artistic background, graduate from “Les Beaux Arts”, Carine wants to offer something different, unique, that looks like her.

Since the beginning of my studies, my project was to create a mixed place for creative people, something that has no expression in Fine Arts in a Contemporary Art course. It’s very compartmentalized ! In England, we are much more free to create without a label. So I wanted to give creative people a real field of expression “.

A long gestation process

After her studies, Carine wanted to open up this space to express diverse types of creativity, and began to visit different places to carry out this project, but too young, less equipped, she became discouraged. A designer herself, she initially focused on her own work and put that dream aside. “This urge returned later, after the birth of my son. I was spending time on Pinterest and in August 2015 I came across Studio Arhoj. My heart boomed !

Studio Arhoj creations ©Carine Giraud Boomboom Studio

Straight ahead, she contacted them and offered to make them known in France. This meeting, which did not lead to a collaboration until two years later, was the trigger for Carine. Right after this meeting, she launched out with five top brands, and step by step her selection grew and became more precise. “When I opened the shop, there were few multi-brand stores focused on creation. My approach was quite innovative, I was able to benefit from good media coverage.

A very personal and assumed editorial line

She is looking for small creators, unearths nuggets that deserve to gain visibility. With the opening of the physical store, some more established brands like Hay, and finally Studio Arhoj are joining the selection ! Some of these brands, which have a strong presence on social networks, did not yet have a point of sale in France, she is pioneer.

Not easy for Carine to define her editorial line, “it’s very personal” … She need a crush to select a new creator ! Sensitive to color, to the graphic side, however she does not set aside the traceability of items, especially for cosmetics and delicatessen. She assumes that if her selection is sincere and closes to her, she will speak to others. Typically, visitors are either very receptive to the creative universe of Boom Boom or completely closed off : “People either want to buy everything in the store or are not at all sensitive to the Boom Boom selection.”


Creations features in Boom Boom store ©Carine Giraud Boomboom Studio

For the selection, Carine explores social networks, especially Instagram and Pinterest. She does not participate in trade fairs and directly approaches creators. “It’s a lot of time invested, but it’s important ! All the more so since I take care that these brands are not too widely distributed and not yet exhibited in Bordeaux “.

Today, a hundred brands are featured in the Boom Boom store, some have been exhibited since the beginning of the adventure such as “We are out of office”, or even other well-established brands such as Bornn, enamelled tableware, are long-standing solid partners.


Mugs pink enamelled Bornn ©Carine Giraud Boomboom Studio

“The brands and types of items displayed change over time, depending on my tastes, my customers, and also the seasons. At Christmas, the emphasis is on jewelry and in September more on stationery.

What future for BOOM BOOM ?

The past two years have been difficult. The store has closed three times with the COVID-19 crisis. “Today, I take back control of my business and offer events again. Thus, I welcome next week (January 17 ) Tamara of There Tattoo over 3 days for a first tattoo event at the store.

I also work in part on the development of Boom Boom Studio as artistic director. The brands I work with at the store are often looking for a visual identity. I already do this photo work, directing for Boom Boom and offer my services as artistic director to other brands.


©Carine Giraud Boomboom Studio

I need to be multi-active, to have different activities. I operate with pleasure and must have fun at my job so that I never lose the desire to continue!  ”


Portrait of Carine ©Carine Giraud

Si vous êtes de passage à Bordeaux, un détour s’impose à la boutique Boom Boom ! Pour les amoureux du design, une boutique à découvrir absolument ! Plus d’information sur Kreamondo :If you plan to go to Bordeaux, have a look to Boom Boom Store ! For design lovers, a must-see store ! More information on Kreamondo: Boom Boom

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