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01 September 2020

Prune Thibeaut, weaver : a modern look at an ancestral art

Meeting in Strasbourg with Prune Thibeaut, graphic designer recently converted to the trade of weaver. A modern and design look at an ancestral profession !

Atelier de Prune Thibeaut

It was in his apartment, located in a large Strasbourg house, that Prune decided to set up his workshop. A refined decoration for a soft and concentrated atmosphere emerges from this large room lit by a designer floor lamp where we find his first creations: hanging tapestries, tote bags and paintings.

Prune explains to us that it took him few resources to start his new activity :

Prune Thibeaut, tisserande“When you want to start, even for fun, you can do it with a piece of cardboard.” Indeed, it is possible to weave without a loom from a piece of wood and a thread !

On the other hand, if one wishes to evolve towards more complex works, a very specific material is essential, such as a loom! Imposing equipment and not easy to get hold of … Fortunately, Prune found her loom at her trainer. She also equipped herself with a weaving frame and a warping machine. The loom is the tool used to unwind spools of thread, ready for use on a loom.

L'ourdissoir dans l'atelier de Prune

It is hung on its wall that we find the warping machine accompanied by the frame. While his large desk carries the loom, with his notebook and pencil to prepare his textile ropes.

We had the chance to observe Prune during a weaving session! You can find an IGTV video on our Instagram.

“It’s always a lot of fun to cut the chain when the job is done. This is the best time … “


Prune Thibeaut, tisserande

Her expertise was graphic design, now it is the loom that drives him …

Designer by training, graduated in 2016 from a DNSEP at ÉSAD Orléans, she specializes in print and more specifically publishing. A first impetus in the artistic sector with a rich creative and imaginative universe. But very quickly, Prune no longer finds great pleasure in spending most of his time behind software such as Illustrator or Photoshop to develop brochures, flyers, business cards, graphic charters, layouts or even retouching. ‘images.

This is why, in her spare time, the young designer begins to weave her own cushions, for the pleasure of manual work. Until one day the click appears and she realizes that spending her life behind her computer no longer makes sense. She aspires to a quieter lifestyle, inspired by the slowlife movement and confirmed by global news !

Suspens dans l'atelier de PruneLittle by little, Prune takes to the game of weaving decorative objects regularly in the evening, in front of her TV, until she makes up her mind: she wants to become a weaver. She therefore goes to Betty Briand in Chinon to follow a training in “ARTissage”. This weaving school teaches the art and techniques of artisanal weaving.

Prune was probably not ready to dive back into math. And yet, this intensive week-long training requires him to go back to math. The weaving trade requires a certain logical sequence depending on the size of the object to be made and the thread used. Prune must therefore calculate the warp threads by multiplying the length of the fabric, the netting, the margin, the number of threads, taking into account the width, in order to be able to mount the warp. A real puzzle !

Fil de chaîne dans l'atelier de Prune


To weave, Prune prepares her loom by mounting the warp: she positions a weft thread, placed width-wise, and its opposite is the warp thread arranged lengthwise. It is the interweaving of these two threads which gives a fabric. On the loom, the weft thread is wound on a spool arranged in a shuttle. This shuttle must be slipped between the warp threads by lifting one or more frames. Then you have to press against the previous weft with the flapper, therefore the comb, to form the fabric strip.

Prune Thibeaut, tisserande

It has now been almost a year since Prune converted. She creates outstanding decorative objects, pouches, cushions and rugs, colorful objects, and unsurprisingly with very designer patterns ! In short, we love it !

You may have the chance to discover his creations on the craft markets of the Strasbourg regionIn the meantime, we invite you to discover his collection on Kreamondo !


Find Prune Thibeaut’s Kreamondo profile right here (and his creations)!


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