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04 December 2018

The Origins of Kreamondo

Welcome to the Kreamondo blog! Here, we will present the origins of our project

The idea of bringing together designer boutiques that offer authentic and quality articles from around the world while promoting responsible consumption may seem obvious. However, it is a vision that came about as the result of a long journey.

At the heart of Kreamondo are its founders, Cécile and Olivier. Both coming from diverse backgrounds – from diplomacy and journalism to involvement in the non-profit sector supporting young creatives and humanitarian actions – Cécile and Olivier never stopped following their aspirations and vision.

Adopting a humanist and sustainable approach, they found a home in the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence, an ideal place combining both a unique quality of life and proximity with nature. However, problems around the future of small businesses and the visibility of rural craftspeople and creators soon became apparent. They were left with one problem: How can independent and quality craftspeople be properly supported?

During their many travels in France and abroad, Cécile and Olivier encountered difficulties when trying to find original, hand-made, quality items. As many of these craftspeople are not promoted on well trodden routes, their visibility is affected. Ironically, the word-of-mouth is still the best publicity!

It can be difficult for small businesses and boutiques to spread awareness around their products whether it is at a local or international level. It can also be a challenge for craftspeople to get known on the Internet and be seen by a larger audience.

To shed a new light on boutiques and crafts

Hence the idea, a way to increase their visibility on a local and international scale : listing these boutiques on one platform. The concept that the platform would be made for and by responsible consumers that value quality and not quantity whilst respecting the ever-growing need for an eco-friendly approach.

Cécile and Olivier created a tool for independent boutiques and craftspeople. A tool in the shape and form of a geolocalised digital guide. With the added option of searching produce and items according to categories and filters (Local crafts, eco-friendly, organic, vegan friendly…), international and local consumers have the benefit of browsing through boutiques and small businesses that favor a responsible and sustainable way of purchasing.

We only need you for our project to take off! Welcome to the creative world of Kreamondo, where new ways to travel are made available. Step-in and travel through the skills, savoir-faire and innovation of designer craftspeople.

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