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11 June 2021

Walter Homestyle – the shop’s Chinese portrait !

Nestled in the heart of Old-Lille, the Walter Homestyle craft store is a cocoon, dedicated to creation. It reveals a wide but coherent selection (decoration, tableware, table lamps, mirrors, serigraphs, cushions, rugs, etc.), cutting-edge but accessible which oscillates between “trendy” brands in the home world, recognized design editors and artisans -independent creators (ceramists and designers little or sometimes not yet present in stores in France – excluding specialized e-shops). Sébastien, its creator, took part in the Chinese portrait game, to present it, and this for our greatest pleasure! We let you discover!


If Walter Homestyle was an element : WATER

Certainly because of the blue color, associated with the sea, which is a marker of the identity of the boutique created with the talented complicity of GplusK architects. Unconsciously or not, blue also runs through the selection in a wide palette of tones, like all the chromatic nuances that water reveals in its multiple shimmers. And then water is also ripples, vibrations, rhythm, the ability to develop a range of impressions, from the most soothing stillness to the most fiery outburst. Finally, it is a mysterious world, alive but seemingly hidden, full of myths and legends populated with stories, characters and objects capable of appealing to everyone’s imagination.


If Walter Homestyle was a season : SPRING

In the cycle of the seasons, Spring is for me the season during which everything is renewed. He truly embodies a form of rebirth that regenerates absolutely everything in its path. What a joy every time to get out of the cold and gray winter. Spring marks the return to life, nature is reborn, colors explode all around us. And on a personal level, it is each time the same almost vital feeling that nestles in a not so trivial detail of “seeing the days grow longer”. As if suddenly we finally had a little more time to live, share, create, dream, all in a feeling of sweetness and euphoria that seems to take everything away. I hope the store is a permanent spring bubble …


If Walter Homestyle was an emotion : SURPRISE

Creating surprises is undoubtedly the DNA of the selection over its regular renewals. Surprise is an incredible emotion because it almost brings you back to childhood with a form of naturalness, letting go, loss of control, forgetting of codes and habits. It goes hand in hand with the idea of discovery which is always enriching and leads everyone to evolve. It is also an open door to wonder and love at first sight, which expresses a cheerful inexplicable impulse. I never tire of hearing visitors to the store telling me: “it changes”, “it feels good”, “normally I don’t like such and such a color or that material but there…”, “I don’t. I don’t need it but I fell in love ”…“ it’s a real surprise ”… It’s really exciting!

If Walter Homestyle was a sens : THE SIGHT

It may not be very original, but I think the primary meaning of the store is sight. It works both ways! I want to show original objects, shapes, materials, textures, colors … I also want to share the visions of designers from ten countries and sometimes still confidential in France: brands, publishers, independent designers ( ceramists or designers). In resonance, what gives me the most pleasure is that people open their eyes wide without a priori, with a real “appetite” for novelty, with a deep desire to offer or afford a decoration that will make them feel good and that they will see day after day as a reflection of their personalities, outside the “beaten track”.


 If Walter Homestyle was an hour during the day : 10 am

Not easy to choose, but 10 am is a good time for me. At 10 am, we came out of the waking up phase and the timed race of everyday life… we are full of projects. It’s like the time for promises of the day ahead. We list all the possibilities to come … even if in the balance sheet some things will not have been achieved. 10am on weekends, it’s the joy to tell yourself that you have time and that you can do … or not do anything! And then 10am is a comforting little Proust madeleine with the hour of recess that has punctuated our days during all our years of schooling: the moment of relaxation, meetings, discussions, the parenthesis that feels good!



If you are in Lille, have a look at the shop ! You will not be disappointed !

Walter Homestyle – 27 rue de la Monnaie, Lille


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